The Best Upholstery Fabrics for Comfortable and Luxuriant Living

Are you looking for some the right modern interior design fabric to upholster your abode, or office, or hotel? Well, in that case, you need to consider a fabric that can withstand the everyday wear and tear, besides providing the perfect aesthetics to the space you want to set up. And once you decide to visit the world of upholstery fabrics, picking up the right one seems like an onerous process. Especially, if you are habituated to a high-end lifestyle of Mumbai, you will surely prefer a fancy home decoration. So today, we will guide you to choose the right new age fabric through this article.

Now we’re going to write down some important information and characteristics of different modern interior design fabrics below. We hope the features and functionalities of the list of upholstery fabrics will help you find out the one you need.

Fabrics for a House Upholstery

If you own a house in Mumbai, your taste must be globally connected. As per your necessities, we would like to recommend you to opt for any contemporary interior design fabric, which can instantaneously enlighten the sight with its attractive pattern along with a soft and comfy feel. Two types of house upholstery fabrics are available in the market, the natural ones, and the synthetic ones.

Let’s find out which fabrics are on-go for the purpose:

Natural Upholstery Fabrics

  • Linen: This modern interior design fabric is made with flax. This natural fiber is strong yet soft. Linen comes with commendable longevity along with moths and pilling resistance nature. 
  • Cotton: It is immensely popular in India. Moreover, as this is a tropical country, there is a large array of varieties in cotton. The classy interior design fabric made of cotton is undoubtedly comfortable, but its durability increases when it’s blended with polyester. 
  • Jute: This is the new generation fabric, with its eco-friendly nature. Various patterns and qualities of matting and ropes made of jute are easily available in any Indian fabric store.
  • Wool: This is one of the unrivaled regular textures, which is extracted from animals’ furs, such as sheep. Most of the time some synthetic fabric is blended with this contemporary interior design fabric to make it more durable.

Synthetic Upholstery Fabrics

  • Polyester: Due to the affordable price range and great durability as well as outlook, it is considered as a classy interior design fabric. It comes with fade-resistance and wrinkle-free qualities. Moreover, polyester is easy to clean and dry, along with a stain-free quality.
  • Microfiber: This modern interior design fabric is a further refined form of polyester, perfect for convertible home-sofas or waiting area furniture.
  • Rayon: It is a combined product made of cotton/linen mixed with cellulose.
  • Nylon: This strong and wrinkle-free fabric comes from a lower price range. This material is easily accessible in the market with a huge range of shades and patterns.

Acoustic Fabrics

In acoustic fabrics Recycled polyester is used to manufacture these modern interior design fabrics. This fabric is manufactured in such a way that it absorbs mid to high-frequency sounds. These textures are utilized to cover acoustic panels and speakers. Inner walls of offices or auditoriums are also covered with acoustic fabrics to make the space sound-resistant. Besides, the fabric is also used in video-conference halls, convention centers, educational institutions, banks, museums, community halls, cafeterias, banquet halls, and many other places. 

Let’s delve deeper into the functionalities of this fabric:

  • These modern fabrics are light weighted and flexible.  
  • Acoustic fabrics are high-resistant to fire, water, humidity, and even chemicals. The easily washable and easy-to-dry quality makes it perfect for Mumbai monsoons. 
  • This non-organic polyester fabric is made of plastic wastes, such as bottles, plastic cups, plates, etc.
  • The composition of this fabric makes it easy to maintain. It is resistant to fungus/bacteria.

Modern Interior Design Fabrics for Office Workstations

We spend 8-10 hours a day at our office desk, sometimes sitting on the chair of a home-workstation during working from home. So, we should be aware of the interior design fabric used in these chairs. Let’s see which fabrics are in for this:

  1. Knitted Fabric: This durable and easily washable cotton-based modern interior design fabric provides constant ease in sitting for hours. 
  2. Woven Fabric: This cost-effective, wrinkle-free and beautifully textured fabric is popular across the nation.
  3. Mesh Fabric: Mesh fabrics come with various hues and textures. This extremely reasonable trendy interior design fabric constantly has high market demand.

Hospitality fabrics

The hospitality industry comprises of hotels, resorts, inns, guest houses, restaurants, bars, night-clubs, cafes, and tea-joints. This appears to be one of the leading industries in Mumbai, as the “Mayanagri” is considered to be the ‘commercial hub of India’.

The type of modern interior design fabric to be used in this macro-industry needs to be luxurious, elegant looking, and customer-oriented, such as textured polyester, nylon, or wool fabrics. The material needs to have good quality and it should look like a propernew gen interior design fabric. The industry of hospitality needs classy fabrics to be used on couches, chairs, and even on the tables, and also the wall-panels. 

Now, let’s dig out through the facts which should be kept in mind before choosing the perfect and trendy interior design fabricfor any hotel or restaurant interior:

  • The fabrics need to have extra strength and greater longevity. Cause it is nearly impossible for an owner to replace the entire interior within short periods.
  • Some jaw-dropping patterns and motifs can add an extra aesthetic to the interior of a guest house or a hotel, or the family dining area of a restaurant.
  • The hospitality industry needs modern interior design fabric, which comes with unique textures and a vast range of colors. 
  • Privacy is an essential thing for most of the businesses in this sector. Therefore, acoustic fabrics are also quite preferable to the industry to make a room sound-proof.

Final Words

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