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Gained More than 10+ years of trust with corporate clients as one of the best “fabric manufacturers in India”. Our thoughtful range of colourful, textured & printer fabrics includes Crepes, Poly-recycled Cotton, Dobbies, Mesh, Jute, Knitted, Leatherite, spun, Bond and Non- woven fabrics. Apart from our standard range designs, we also make customized fabrics on pre-order to suit the customer’s specific need and requirement all over India. We believe in making quality fabric with best design and durability which keeps us unique and best fabric manufacturers throughout nation. 

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USP of Response Fabrics

Response fabric is one of the reputed fabrics manufacturers in India with described USP which has always been the betterment of our products.

FIRE RETARDANT is one of the major aspect required while manufacturing fabrics. To test its morality and virtue we work on its different composition, lace and its weight. Response fabric provides 100% cotton, 100% FR polyester yarn and Armid. Our fabrics are ISO 9001 Certified and tested for quality purpose.

WATER REPELLENT- Response Fabric deal in water repellent fabric as it is among one of the major USP. Mainly we manufacture & design Water repellent or waterproof fabrics to prevent the outer layer of fabric from getting wet through the water. Original water repellent fabric is coated with silicone elastomer, wax, rubber and polyurethane. We are blessed with technology to manufacture fabric with the finest water repellent fabric material.

Acoustic Fabrics are high tech sound absorb fabrics. They are used for auditory assimilation produce because of its audio absorption characteristics. In order expert words, these fabrics help in reducing sound waves by lowering their intensity. Acoustic fabrics required special process treatment while manufacturing. Fabric manufacturers in India have developed good quality skills in designing acoustic fabric 

The blackout fabric material is mostly found in hotel rooms. Its thermal qualities help to prevent from heating & blocking light. If you are looking for blackout fabric manufacturer in India you can contact us for more details.

Our anti-static fabric is mostly for textiles. Here a wide range of yarns is blended with cotton and polyester which makes it highly conductive. We represent it as one of the major usable wide range of fabrics for textiles. And we have experienced more vendors coming to us looking for anti-static fabric manufacturers in India. 

Response Fabrics – For Covid 19 | Corona, we have manufactured 3 Ply non woven disposable mask. Order Now!!

We are one of the leading manufacturers & wholesalers of  3 PLY Face Mask .We are engaged in providing an extensive array of Face Mask. These are machine pressed 3ply masks used for protection from bacteria’s as well. Some specifications of the mask : 

  • Material is non-woven
  • Have a filter
  • Use for medical surgeries and procedures
  • Material – PP Non Woven
  • Type -Disposable maks
  • Size -13.1 x 13.5 cm
  • Quantity per Pack – 5000
3 ply non-woven mask

We manufacture antimicrobial fabric. This fabric can be used anywhere on walls, workstations, chairs, sofas, multiplex chairs, partitions, etc.

Basically to make you understand all things have got bacteria in it. When we do antimicrobial finish on the fabric it reduces the bacteria up to 80-90% on the fabric. It is unique and high in demand because of its specialties let me mention it for you:

  • Bacteria’s are killed up to 80-90%
  • It reduces bacterial growth, restricts the bacterial ability to grow 
  • It becomes Anti Odor (no smell)
  • It is human and environmentally friendly
  • This fabric can withstand 20-30 washes, however, in chairs and wall paneling it is not required.
  • When anybody touches the fabric on a wall or chair by hand no further bacteria will go on the fabric being treated.

Our antimicrobial fabric passes the AATTC 100 and JIS L 1902 antibacterial effectiveness tests. 

Workstation Fabrics


Workstation fabric is one of the world’s most popular fabrics because of its durability and its texture. Being an Indiamart’s “top-rated Fabric manufacturer in India”, we have supplied all over India. Thanks to our wide range of this fabric to our clients, we have become a pioneer in “workstation fabric” which is supplied all over India. 

Artificial leatherite fabric

Artificial leather manufacturers in india

Artificial leatherette fabric is the best design with the primary choice for office use. Its stylish outstanding pieces grab the best attention. It is one of the best choices in corporate offices. Artificial leatherette fabric is cost-effective with exceptional value. Our products give an attractive and pleasant look with its colour and materials quality. 

Auditoriums fabric manufacturers

Response fabric is considered as one of the leading auditorium fabric manufacturers in India. We mostly manufacture high quality with an affordable range of large – small auditorium fabric. Basically Product category which is mostly used is Bolt, passion and more. Auditorium fabric is also known for its smoothness and flames resistant. 

Our Catorgories

Fabrics Range

Our product portfolio includes high end fabric. Some of the most common ones used are:

We manufacture fabric which is based on combination of polyester and cotton yarns depending upon the best possible textures, designs and comfort. Due to the polyester-cotton combination, it has a longer durability and affordable price.

Dobby fabrics are woven fabric manufactured with small design pattern and high texture on fabric. At Response Fabric, we provide high end quality of dobby fabric. Because of its yarn nature, such fabric is known to be on low on depreciation and is of shrink resistant. 

This fabric is actually not leather but a lookalike made with vinyl or some kind of plastic. They are way cheaper than leather. They are one kind of synthetic fibres that are low on maintenance on comparing to real leather. 

Jute fabrics are commonly used in India. Due to its availability at an affordable price, we are manufacturing jute based fabric over the last 15 years at our Ghaziabad manufacturing plant and supplying all over India. Jute is long, pliable and vegetable fibre that are processed to threads that are used in different platforms or purposes. 

Knitted fabrics are the woven fabric that is used widely for office chairs and furniture sofas. We produce knitted fabric at our unit with latest and high-tech machines backed by our designers and production team.

We provide hundreds of printed designs to our clients all over India. These designs are fixed color patterns on fabrics. We use colors and manufacturing procedures on fabrics that are not easily damages or washed. 

This fabric, usually, produced with different types of fibres such as silk, cotton and wool. Response Fabrics offers wide range of composition and weights of such fabrics. These fabrics are woven fabric with an impression of embroidery on them. Their price varies depending upon the combination and quality grade of yarn used. 

A fabric that is produced using polyester yarn or polyester fibres are commonly known as polyester fabric. Other common names for such fabric are man-made polymer, synthetic or polyethylene terephthalate.  Polyester yarn or fibre are thermoplastic which means that they are heat-sensitive and can be given permanent shape or structure according to the demand or need. Response Fabrics high-tech machine and technology, the fabric is design and crafted in such a way that it is installed with great on fitting and long-life assurance.

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Mumbai – Highest Market Share of Hospitality Fabric manufacturer in India

Fabric is a bendable, elastic and supple substance that is made either with a weaving of natural or artificial fibre. Over the centuries, people improve the quality of fabrics as well as the process of preparing it. In the old days, fabric manufacturer in India was individual weaving or knitting with their hands (also known as handmade fabric). Although handmade fabrics still exist but have a very restricted presence and are expensive and timing consuming. On the other hand, many big setup companies with high technology machines backed by educated and intellectual personnel produced high quantity on a daily basis at a very reasonable cost. Being machine-made, each piece produced is identical to another with superb finishing.

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Factors behind making Response Fabrics as a pioneer in the list of fabric manufacturer in India

Response fabrics mastered in all these Industry fabrics from last 15 years under the leadership of Mr Aggarwal. We have achieved new heights in term of providing best quality fabric manufacturers in India. We have achieved this because of various reasons described below:

  • Top class designs: Thanks to our experience, creative and intellectual designers who enabled us from the last few years to provide world-class fabric at reasonable prices. Our wide range of colour choices, patterns and designs make us a distinct player in this field of fabrics.
  • Environment-friendly fabric. Our process of manufacturing fabric is eco-friendly. We have been associated with all green environment-related schemes to minimise harm to the environment. All our employees are well-known for its fact and also makes sure the factory premise is clean and pollution-free. Such an ethical factor has led us to be the prominent fabric manufacturer in India.
  • Acoustic Fabric: Using our creativity, we produce a fabric which is reduced or stops noise hearing outside the hall or auditorium. These fabrics are installed on the walls and are of durability and less maintenance in nature.
  • Incorporated process: All departments working with coordination and perfect communication. This reduces the chance of error and helps in delivering ordered fabric at guaranteed timing with promised quality.
  • Durability: We understand that every customer wants to invest in such fabric with the idea of investing for the long term. Most of our wide range of fabrics has a long life. This has been possible due to our innovative and creative combination of yarns.
  • Process: In order to compete in this fast and dynamic environment, our company is always updated with best & latest machinery in the market for the production of ordered fabric and check on the latest software for our designers. Our skilled and systematic process makes us foremost fabric manufacturer in India.
  • Training and Education: We believe in providing updated training and education for our production team (on updating new machinery), designers (new designer software) and managers modules (on how to manage teams with best communications between departments.
  • Maintenance: Most of the fabric choices, we produced fabric which is wrinkle-free and easy to clean. Additions to this, our fabrics are water and fire-resistant. These factors help customers in selecting from our variety fabrics list.
  • Transparency Policy: Being a part of the fabric manufacturer industry, we keep no secrets from our clients. We believe in building utmost good faith in our relationship, whether it is with vendors, customer or employees. We assure our clients by providing them with the same fabric as promised with the guaranteed time.
  • Response Fabrics portfolio includes high-quality fabric with different colours and textures. We use poly recycled cotton, dobby, leatherette, jute, knitted, jacquard, polyester and printed fabrics. Our most range of fabrics is our own set of combinations of two or more natural or artificial fibres used. Being the leader in such an elite list of fabrics to offer made us established fabric manufacturer in India.
  • Research and Development: Our researchers continue innovating new combination of colour contrast, improving quality of the fabric, better production process and updating existing set-up of machinery. This helps everyone in the company to improve productivity with efficiency.
  • Inspection: Our quality checking associates are highly experienced and shape minded. They make sure that set quality standards are met at every stage of the process from sales, ordered places, designing, sampling, production, finishing and packing.

The above-discussed factors have led our company to be among the best fabric manufacturers in India. Some considered us to be the pioneers of this industry, however, today we continue to work hard to improve our quality of the fabric and continue winning our customers’ trust.

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