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Using modern interior design fabrics in your home furnishing can make your space look stunning. As a matter of fact, in the industries of both lifestyle and hospitality, it is an archaic concept for enhancing the appeal of house interiors.

The interior designers of current era highly prefer to use varieties of textiles in their projects. Because, a modern interior design fabric always comes with a wide range of colors, making it easier to keep contrast or even symmetry with the colors of the walls or furniture. In simple words, the fabric selection should be harmonic to the arrangement of house appliances and all other characteristics of the interior.

The Range of Modern Interior Design Fabrics : we manufacture for Interior Designers

Response Fabrics has been manufacturing and designing a wide range of fabrics from last 15 years. Our company has been leading the lifestyle industry and the hospitality industry since the time of its establishment.

  •   Most Common Fabric Ranges for the Interior Designers

When you select the interior design fabric for decorating a place, the most important factor to count on, is comfort. Now, different people have different tastes, according to the feel they get from a particular fabric. Some of the house owners, who love a little shiny and gorgeous finish, would prefer to go for some rexine couches or silk curtains. Some prioritize comfort, and go for cotton, or rayon.

Besides these, one should also keep the functionalities of a fabric in mind before picking the perfect modern interior design fabric. For instance, hospitality sector (hotels, cafes, restaurants, hospitals) require sturdy and re-usable fabric, while the probable wear and tear in near future should also be thought of, in the presence of pets and children. Some art-lovers may also opt for jute, or self-textured dobby material.

  •   Color Ranges for the New Age Fabrics

When a color becomes the key trend of an era, it remains there for a few years. We always lead the market by getting hold on to the perfect trendy colors for contemporary design fabric. We never fail to continue in being analogous to the leading commercial color palette that is on vogue.

The recent trend in this color palette for interior furnishings include some vibrant contrasts, and also a few neutral shades. The highly demanded hues of trendy designer fabrics that are being picked by the interior designer at a large numbers, are the contrasts between fuchsia pink combined with lime green, dark brown presented with blue or deep purple, or the timeless monochrome (B&W). Besides these bright shades, some places demand for natural shades for these new generation fabrics. Shades like beige, warm grey, taupe, white or cream always provide a different level of appeal to any place, be it someone’s dwelling or a hotel reception, or any commercial place.

We, the manufacturing team of Response Fabrics present some new gen fabrics that are vastly picked out and preferred by the interior decorators, for their functionalities and durability. Let’s take a tour through the range of our collections.

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