What are Acoustic Fabric ?

Usefulness of Acoustic Fabrics manufactured in India

Response Fabrics offers extensive range of acoustic fabrics in india  that are used to cover speakers, panels & wall inside auditoriums, educational institutions and cinema halls. In variety of fabrics we offer, Response Fabrics expertise in producing tech-friendly sound proof wall fabrics. They are designed in such a way that it could absorb mid-intensity to high-intensity frequency of waves of sound.

We manufacture non-woven polyester acoustic fabrics at our Ghaziabad unit. These fabrics are manufactured with high-tech technology, offering various solutions that are used in commercial and residential purposes.


Acoustic fabric manufacturers in India

What are the benefits of using Acoustic Fabrics manufactured in our Plant?

Our acoustic fabrics have a long list of benefits for  you, some of them are listed below:

  • They are light in weight, flexible in nature and can be customised as per your needs. As these fabrics are lightweight, they are easily installed on wall panels or even on ceilings. 
  • Our in-house design team, first, understand your choices and inputs and accordingly prepare the final draft using their creative ideas. With facilities such as printing &  high technology machines in our manufacturing premises brings ideas into reality. 
  • For certain orders, we use 100 percentage recycled raw materials. Non woven polyester fibres are made of plastic wastes such as bottle, cups, plates, etc. This not only helps in reducing overall price but also guard environmental issues. 
  • Acoustic fabric in india are high on resistance to humidity, fire, water and chemicals. Because of its composition of non-organic polyester fibres, it has become popular with our customer all over India.
  • With the polyester composition of these fabrics, they do not give aid to fire to spread. In fact, it requires multiple levels of oxygen than a typical fabric to catch or spread fire. Our Fabrics, over this past decade, has become highly effective in multiplexes and auditoriums of towns & cities.
  • With the superior quality of raw materials used by us, it does cause any allergies or breathing irritation to audience in closed halls or auditoriums. 
  • They are of long term investment. With the composition, they have high performance in terms of life, cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Nature of these fabrics are easy to maintain because of its composition. It doesn’t allow fungus or bacteria to rise on it.

Industries and Sectors – We Manufacture For

In past, we have manufactured and supplied fabrics to  banquet halls, cafeterias’, video conference halls, open work spaces, music recording studios, home theatres, cinemas halls, multiplexes, convention centres, hospitals, educational institutions, company’s board rooms, hotels, banks, factories, malls, museums, airports, train stations and community halls. 

With our commitment to  you for business and environment ethics, we aim to  become the  top manufacturers and suppliers  of acoustic fabrics in India.