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Are you looking for chair fabric manufacturers in Pune? If yes, I want to share some valuable information about chair fabrics and manufacturers’ behaviour who are making it.

The Dining Room is the heart of our homes. Dining room chairs should be externally speaking to make an intriguing atmosphere and a remembering experience for guests. Did you think about what sort of chair fabric material is best for a dining area chair? Regardless of if your dining chairs are metal or wood material, modern or vintage plan, our chair fabric manufacturer’s explored appropriate sorts of upholstery chair fabrics for your ideal dining chair. 

To choose fabric for dining chairs, you need to search for solid, effortlessly cleaned, or stain-safe, materials that offer different colours or textures to facilitate your home’s stylistic theme. The accompanying fabrics shortlisted by our chair fabric manufacturers in Pune are the most appropriate for dining chairs:

  • Cotton mix
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Microfiber
  • Vinyl

Picking the ideal chair fabric is just the initial step to making an attractive dining chair. It is essential to choose the right fabric since dining chairs are prone to drink spillage and food stains. Continue reading the direct insights from our chair fabric producers to find out about your ideal fabric and clear your doubts!

How to choose the most ideal chair fabric for dining room chairs?

To choose the best chair textile for your dining area, our chair fabric manufacturers suggest taking a couple of key components into thought.

Consider the plan idea you’ve decided for your dining room

This initial step is genuinely conclusive while choosing the best chair fabric. Certain chair clothes are fitter for classic decorations, while other materials, patterns, and prints are fitter for a contemporary look.

Pick materials with an animating texture

From the vision of our chair fabric manufacturers in Pune, visual effect and tactile perception are the two key highlights of high-quality seating fabrics that are most appropriate for a lavishing dining area.  

With upholstering and decorating your dining chairs, the materials you pick need to tempt the senses. 

Select fabrics that coordinate your dining area’s colour palette 

With regards to picking fabric to upholster your dining area chairs, it’s likewise essential to follow the colour plan used to characterize the whole room.

Select valuable fabrics that go impeccably with other furniture in your dining area. 

In case you’re hoping to add a hint of difference, our chair textile manufacturers in Pune suggest picking tones and shades that aren’t excessively splendid, try to pick sophisticated tones instead.

What are the differences between various dining chair fabrics?

Our couch fabric manufacturers have very precisely explained the difference between some of the commonly used chair fabrics:

Cotton Mix

Depending on the weave, cotton mixes can be durable, family-accommodating fabrics. Our chair fabric manufacturers advise you to apply Scotchgard Fabric or Upholstery Protector for stain-safe finishing.


This intense material can be delicately vacuumed, clammy cleaned with leather conditioner or saddle soap.


Linen is most appropriate for formal areas since it soils and wrinkles without any problem. It additionally won’t withstand weighty wear. However, linen opposes pilling and fading. Linen should be expertly cleaned to evade shrinkage.


Made from polyester, this famous upholstery chair material has velvet-like surface however is considerably tougher. It opposes water, stains, and blurring, so it’s incredible for high-usage dining areas.


Easy-care and more affordable than leather, vinyl chair fabrics are ideal for busy living and dining areas. Toughness relies upon quality.

What type of chair fabrics is kid-friendly?

Finding the ideal dining table, seats, and organizing accessories can be extreme if you have Youthful children are more prone to spills, requiring your furniture to oblige for these kinds of mishaps. 

Since they’re a primary element of your dining area, it’s normal you need your chairs to look great. You would prefer not to settle on the style, just to ensure your dining chairs will outlive the children’s activities. Here’s some uplifting news from our chair fabric producers: it is conceivable to have both. You simply need to locate the ideal kid-friendly chair fabric.

So what kid-proof highlights does a dining chair fabric need? Also, which common and engineered chair textiles have these characteristics? 

Our chair fabric manufacturers are here to tell!


Vinyl is a dubious decision and you need to adore the material to go with it on one of your most-saw and most-utilized furniture things. 

It isn’t as costly as leather, however, then its durability will rely upon its quality. It is likewise very simple to deal with – which is presumably why it’s so well known in budget eateries. When thinking about kid-friendly chair fabric, you can’t get a significantly more ideal choice than this. 


It is a generous fabric, easily launderable, and essentially stain safe. Far superior, it stands up to any thorough cleaning schedule; it very well may be vacuumed, cleaned with a wet cloth, and cleaned with leather conditioner or saddle soap. Furthermore, it looks great as well.

How Chair Fabric Manufacturers Reupholster A Dining Chair?

Take full responsibility for your home’s appearance and appreciate redoing your dining chairs with your choice of fabric. In all honesty, most dining chairs are easy to reupholster with a couple of tools and a few yards of quality chair fabric. Today our chair fabric manufacturers in Pune will tell you how.

Gather these things before you start upholstering your dining chair and make the progress smoother: 

  • Staple gun, and additional staples 
  • Fabric pre-cut to fit the seat cushion(will tell you about the measurements) 
  • Screwdriver or force drill 
  • Scissors 

Before you start, look at the chair to figure out what tools you will need to remove the cushion from the chair. If you like, you can attach the new modern chair fabric over the current fabric without removing any old fabric or staples. Now, you are prepared to reupholster the chair. 

  1. Eliminate the cushion and place it on top of your pre-cut chair cloth with the underside facing you, staple-side up. 
  2. Get a companion, if necessary, to assist you with collapsing over the fabric on one side and staple it to the cushion. Staple the contrary side and leave the corners for some other time. Leave an inch of space or less between the staples, contingent upon how tight or free the fabric. 
  3. Pull the corners up in the wake of stapling the sides, and wrap the sides up to lie with the goal that the fabric has a smooth look. Staple the corners set up and trim abundance fabric with scissors. 
  4. Assess your work and supplant the cushion onto the seat with either a screwdriver or force drill.

How Chair Fabric Manufacturers Measure Fabric For Dining Room Chairs?

According to our chair fabric manufacturers, a normal dining chair estimates 16 x 18 inches with the goal that you can make two upholstered cushions from one yard of 54 inches wide fabric. Utilize an adaptable measuring tape to quantify the seat cushion from edge to edge and record the length and width. Make a point to add three to ten inches to every measurement to have enough fabric for collapsing and stapling it to the lower part of the chair during upholstering. Use either chalk or a washable marker to demonstrate your seat measurements on the opposite side of the fabric. 

Except if you are a sewing expert, it is simpler to utilize a pre-existing for your chair’s cushion. You will need to carefully eliminate the part you need to upholster, including any staples or creases, and spread out the material. As you dismantle the fabric from the cushion, note how frequently the fabric collapse. Add an inch or a little more amount of fabric on all sides if there are any lopsided or torn edges.

In this short overview, our chair fabric manufacturers in Pune have found out the aesthetic qualities of fine fabrics, which are ideal for adding a bit of class to your dining area chairs. 

Pick the material that best fulfils your complex tastes and function admirably with the outfitting idea you’ve decided for your dining area. 

Response Fabrics has a fabulous range of fabrics for upholstering dining area chairs. Make sure to remember our recommendations when settling on your decision.

If you are looking for trial of a fabric range, Response fabrics will happily provide a sample for you. We are proud to be considered as one of the best chair fabric manufacturers in India from our audience point of view.

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