Fabric Manufacturers in India, Designer Fabric Manufacturers – Response Fabrics

Fabric Manufacturers in India, Designer Fabric Manufacturers – Response Fabrics

The textile industry in India is the second-largest employer after agriculture, employing more than 100 million people directly and indirectly. The number speaks about the volume and the quality Fabric Manufacturers in India bring to the table for domestic and international markets. 

The total worth of the textile industry in India was estimated at 108 billion USD in 2020, and by the end of this year, it is expected to hit 141 billion USD. Over the past decade, the industry witnessed a significant rise in demand for fabrics like rexine and polyester. According to a report published in economic times, the textile fabric manufacturers in India are likely to ride this momentum, and by the year 2025, the industry can hit the 500 billion USD mark. 

Therefore, there’s a history and potential in India’s textile industry. And for this textile economy, you can’t move ahead without thanking top fabric manufacturers in India, which are not only meeting domestic demand but also excellently competing in overseas markets, rekindling India’s oldest enterprise.

Response Fabrics is one of the top Designer Fabric Manufacturers in India producing quality mesh, leatherette, rexine and creps. 

So, let’s have look at the services of Response Fabrics and how it’s making quality fabrics accessible to clients in the country and abroad! 

Response Fabrics – One of the Top Designer Fabric Manufacturers in India Serving Crucial Industries 

Response as one of the fabric manufacturers in India has a history of 17 years of producing quality fabrics. The company serves both B2B and B2C customers. 

Response Fabric’s flagship artificial designer leather is creating an impact in many industries; Let’s glance over and highlight a few of them. 

  • Automobile 

RF produces auto comfort products for all kinds of commercial and private vehicles. The products include seat cover for cars, bikes, and heavy utility vehicles like trucks and loaders. 

The leatherette products from Response fabrics are highly durable – you can consider the option a long-term investment. Moreover, the material is as good as the original leather. The only difference is its nature of production, I.e. being 100% environment friendly. 

  • Home Interiors 

The company RF also has an excellent reputation for producing quake fabrics for home comfort products like sofa, armchairs, hydraulic chairs, bean bags, etc. 

  • Fashion 

The style and Fashion industry is not the last frontier where Response Fabrics made its name, but the company takes pride in serving this industry. Because as comfort fabric manufacturers, this is where we get closest to our customer 

If you are looking for quality clothing fabric manufacturers, Response Fabrics is the answer. With RF, you get the flexibility to gauge your fabric and align with requirements. You are the one who decides everything from the thickness to colours. 

To place bulk orders, contact us at +91-8130027320. Also, do check our website for more information and queries.

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