A specialty of acoustic fabrics and upholstery fabrics

Acoustic fabrics and upholstery fabrics are two different fabric materials. Responsefabrics are manufacturer acoustic and upholstery fabrics on the demand which may be bulk or limited order with quality material.

Acoustic fabrics specialization

Acoustic materials are a variety of foams, fabrics, and metals. It increases the comfort and safety of inhabitants by reducing noise generated both inside and outside of those spaces. We at Response Fabrics are the best acoustic fabrics manufacturers in Mumbai, you are at right place.

Sound absorbing nature of acoustic fabrics

Acoustic fabrics have a sound-absorbing nature. The waves enter into the acoustic fabric, are trapped in the fibers and convert from sound energy into heat. And sound energy produce from acoustic fabrics hits walls and ceilings.

It is reflected in the curtain again. Some more noise will be absorbed. The waves that pass back through the acoustic fabric curtain into the room will be softened and dampened. Acoustic fabrics are mostly applied in theaters and auditoriums. We at Responsefabrics being the best acoustic fabrics manufacturers provide you with the best quality acoustic material.

Acoustic fabrics are acoustically transparent in nature.

Acoustic panels are cover with acoustically transparent fabrics that are made of absorbent insulation. Meanwhile, permitting the soundwaves to pass through the cover and contain the fibres of insulation.

If the air passes through this fabric material, then it means that it is acoustically transparent in nature. There are different qualities of transparent acoustic materials. Look for a fabric that is strong, durable, stain-resistant you want. Only a better acoustic fabric manufacturer can bring you a better quality acoustic fabric you are looking. We, at response fabrics take responsibility for providing you with the most inventively produced acoustic fabrics.

Only a good acoustic fabric manufacturer can bring you the good quality acoustic fabrics you are looking for. We at Response fabrics take responsibility of providing you with the most innovatively produced acoustic fabrics.

Loved by Sofa Fabric Suppliers in Mumbai

We are working as an acoustic fabrics manufacturer in Mumbai. Mumbai is well known to be the industrial capital of India with a large share of textiles, automobiles, and entertainment. For many reasons, we as acoustic fabrics manufacturer in Mumbai have grown day by day. 

The factors such as teamwork, service, and a skillset in producing acoustic fabrics have made the acoustic fabric recognizable in India. Some of the points, I have discussed in details, how we work as acoustic fabrics wholesalers in Mumbai:

  • We have the experience in Sound absorbing fabrics, trained and focused executives that provide insightful knowledge to the clients that help them to choose the best possible acoustic fabrics as they desire. The team visits your onsite location to suggest the best possible acoustic fabrics to them.
  • We provide acoustic fabrics samples so that the clients can get an idea of how exactly it would look. It not only gives clients a future picture of the place they would look after the installation of our acoustic fabrics but also reduces the risk of not liking the whole attire after the installation.
  • The R & D team do many tests, research and experiments to create something new in the market that has never been produced before. On top, efforts made at their end in improving the quality of acoustic fabrics every possible chance.
  • We as acoustic fabrics manufacturer in Mumbai, have five valuable USPs that make our acoustic fabric different from our competitors. Factors such as Fire Resistant, Water Repellent, Acoustic nature of cloth, Blackout, and Anti-Static have made our acoustic fabrics trustworthy.

We also make sure that the entire acoustic fabric colour scheme and patterns are manufactured and delivered as decided at the time of the order. Our whole team makes sure they are not a blockage in the process, and delivery is made well in time. Acoustic fabrics are extensively used in cinemas and auditoriums. 

There are some other factors such as technology, software, environmental ethics, our integrated procedure & durability, training for a staff member. Employees and many others help us by having a definite edge to our nearest competitor. That makes us the best acoustic fabrics manufacturer in Mumbai.

Properties difference of upholstery and acoustic fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics is used for task chairs, side chairs, lounge seating, house of worship seating, couches, booths, etc. The main thing about upholstery is that it needs to withstand more wear and tear.

  1. 54″ wide is the industry standard.
  2. It is vital to resist abrasion. 
  3. Has to meet criteria about pilling (little fuzzy balls forming), crocking (colour from the material getting on your white pants), and lightfastness (not weakening within the sun).
  4. It is a thicker, tighter weave than acoustic fabrics.
  5. It has treatments like stain repellents, wet barriers, antimicrobial, or acrylic back coatings.
  6. Darker, additional saturated colours are common to cover potential stains and dirt.
  7. Needs to pass a flame test like California technical bulletin 117 and NFPA 260/UFAC.

Being the top acoustic fabrics dealers, we are Response fabrics provide the utmost client satisfaction in terms of a wide range of colours, textures and styles of acoustic fabrics. The acoustic fabrics we produce are unique and one of a kind priced at affordable prices.

Acoustic fabrics

Today the acoustic fabric manufacturers market is massive itself. The products are designed and marketed specifically for this application. Most panel fabrics are acoustic materials. We have got a third party checks all our new panel materials to determine whether they are appropriate for acoustic applications. There are some other criteria that it should pass:

  1. 66″ wide is the industry standard
  2. It is vital that the acoustic fabrics do not retain wetness, or it’ll sag on the panels as humidness levels change.
  3. The acoustic fabrics need to let the sound pass through it.
  4. It must pass the ASTM E84 flame test.

Why response fabrics for upholstery fabrics?

When we think of buying furniture, the first thing that comes to our mind is the fabric of the furniture should be beautiful in a pattern, enlighten for sight, comfortable in feeling, and attractive design. If you are offered a wide variety of Upholstery fabric in India with a detailed explanation, the task of selection becomes difficult. Response fabrics have a solution for you for this. We are also the best acoustic fabric manufacturers in India.

We offer more than 100 solids, embroidered, jacquard, and design upholstery fabrics. Such textiles, apart from furniture, can be used in chair cushions, pillows, and other home decor accessories. 

We, at Response fabrics, we are the premium acoustic fabric supplier, and we deal in both organic upholstery fabrics and synthetic upholstery fabrics getting manufactured in our factory. We have explained some materials that suit you:

  • We provide you with Linen fabric with the best quality yarns available in India.  
  • To match the market price and increase the durability of such fabric, we use a combination of wool along with synthetic fabric.
  • We, over the years, have expertise in cotton fabrics range to offer, considering the hot climate of India. This fabric is most comfortable with the combination with polyester. It becomes more durable. 
  • Our craftsmen help you in getting the exact quality, designs, patterns, and comfort that you desire. 
  • We provide customized orders depending upon your requirements and as per the leather grade. 
  • We use silk blend with cotton or polyester to reduce price and increase durability.
  • We provide polyester fabrics that have strength, easy cleaning, wrinkle-free, and resistance to fading.
  • Our range of colour schemes and patterns would make it easy for you to choose the fabric of your choice.
  • We also create ratio combinations as per your request.

We understand the nature of acoustic fabrics depending upon their durability, wear and tear of different Upholstery Fabrics in India. We explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of acoustic fabrics which help you in your decision making. We have samples for all kinds of designs, fabric, and patterns, which make it easier to differentiate each other. We are the most experienced acoustic fabric wholesalers in Mumbai.

With all our means, including the latest technology, provide you with utmost customer satisfaction. We choose to keep our customers pleased with the high-quality products with a thorough insight into the product line available with us. 

With our eco-friendly policy, we maintain less wastage and maintain work ethics that help in reducing pollution. Our quality assurance policy would encourage you to invest with us with complete trust in terms of pricing, delivery timings, quality promised, and after-sales queries. 

We bring the best acoustic fabric supplier to help you with each of your query regarding acoustic fabrics. Feel free to call on +91-81300 27320  or email us [email protected] for any query about the acoustic fabrics.

We are looking forward to serving you!

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