Wholesale Notice Board Fabric Manufacturers in India

Finding wholesale notice board fabric manufacturers in India may require some research and direct inquiries. Here are some steps you can take to locate potential suppliers:

Response Fabrics (India) Pvt. Ltd – 

  • Response Fabrics (India) Pvt. Ltd are the Fabrics and LeatherLite manufacturers in India. The company is ISO 9001 certified. We create world-class design fabrics suited for corporate offices, commercial and the hospitality sector. We manufacture fabrics, leatherite, suedes, digital prints for office workstations, modular furniture, wall panelling, loose furniture, sofas, multiplex/ auditorium wall panels, chairs and recliners. These fabrics are produced in our state with the art manufacturing facilities.
  • Recently, we have started manufacturing Leatherite, commonly known as Rexine. Response fabrics offer you all types of qualities in artificial leather. We offer you a wide range of Leatherite that can be used in offices, sofas, chairs, cinema halls, auditoriums, automobiles, jackets and many more.
  • Our product portfolio includes high-quality Crepes, Poly recycled cotton, Mesh, polyester Leatherite, Jacquard, Jute, Knitted, Printed and PP spun bond non-woven fabrics etc.

Online Directories:

  • Check online business directories and B2B platforms. Websites like IndiaMART, TradeIndia, and Alibaba often list manufacturers and suppliers. You can search specifically for notice board fabric manufacturers.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

  • Attend trade shows and exhibitions related to textiles, stationery, or office supplies. These events often bring together manufacturers and buyers. Connect with exhibitors and gather information on potential suppliers.

Local Chambers of Commerce:

  • Contact local chambers of commerce or industry associations in textile-producing regions of India. They may have lists of manufacturers or be able to provide recommendations.

Referrals and Networking:

  • Ask for recommendations from business associates, colleagues, or industry contacts. Networking within your industry can often lead to valuable insights and referrals.

Online Searches:

  • Use search engines to look for notice board fabric manufacturers in India. Refine your search by including specific keywords such as “wholesale,” “bulk,” or “manufacturer.”

Contact Textile Associations:

  • Reach out to textile associations or organizations in India. They may have information on member companies or be able to direct you to manufacturers.

Social Media:

  • Explore social media platforms, especially professional networks like LinkedIn. Many businesses have a presence on these platforms, and you may find manufacturers’ profiles or groups related to the industry.

Trade Publications:

  • Look for industry-specific publications or magazines that focus on textiles or stationery. Manufacturers often advertise in these publications, and you may find contact information.

Visit Manufacturing Hubs:

  • If possible, visit textile manufacturing hubs in India, such as cities known for their textile industry. You can directly visit factories, attend industry events, and establish connections with manufacturers.

When contacting potential manufacturers, be sure to inquire about their product range, minimum order quantities, pricing, and any other relevant terms. Additionally, verify the credibility of the suppliers and ask for samples if necessary before making a bulk order.

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