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Sofa fabric manufacturers in Tamil Nadu and materials used during the manufacturing period. One of the most exquisite rexine and cotton production that increases the quality of sofa fabric in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu has a long custom of glorious culture which you may see in their lifestyle. Tamil Nadu is the most urbanized territory of India, and its manufacturing sector represents more than 33% of the state’s economy. It represents 60% of the leather tanning limit in India and exports 50% of it outside the nation.

It is also known as “Manchester of South India” for its cotton production. Their fabrics are strikingly luxurious and carefully woven. Kanchipuram silk of Tamil Nadu and gold Mundus from Kerala gets re-purposed in the form of upholstery or covers to give an authentic look to the decor. Sofa fabric manufacturers sometimes use it to provide a unique look and feel to the sofas.

Different Types of Sofa Fabrics

The fabric might not come in your mind while you were thinking about buying a new sofa, but choosing the right one according to your need is essential. Sofa fabric has three main categories:- 

  1. Natural fiber
  2. Synthetic fiber
  3. Leather

Cotton, wool, silk, and linen are natural sofa fabrics. Cotton is a highly used natural sofa fabric. It is cheap and durable. Silk is also a potent natural fabric. It is soft and comfortable, but both of these sofa fabrics are susceptible to wrinkle and a better fit for casual sittings than formal ones. The wool comes from animal hair. It is soft and durable but only if it is blended. Pure wool won’t work that good and would be a bit scratchy. 

Polyester, nylon, olefin, and acrylic are the most common synthetic fibers. Polyester is high performing sofa fabric. It works well when blended with a natural fabric like cotton. Blended polyester is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to abrasion and fading. 

Microfibers are made using polyester and nylon. After blending, they work as natural sofa fabrics. They have windproof and waterproof qualities. Rayon is also made up of wood chip fibers and work as natural sofa fabrics after blending. It gets wrinkles and scratches easily like cotton. 

Leather is a processed animal hide. It gives the sofa a luxurious look, and it is durable as well as easy to clean. Leather comes in a variety. Top-grain leather is one of the best of all. Natural leather is high-priced, so sofa fabric manufacturers use artificial leather to make it cheap. They make it so smart that it doesn’t look any different than the original one.

The sofa fabric manufacturing process

Three necessary steps are required for the Sofa Fabric production:-

  • The first step is yarn production. By the process of spinning, the harvested and processed raw fiber materials are transformed into threads and yarn. Earlier, spinning used to be done by hands, but nowadays it is done by spinning wheels. The fiber is drawn across the wheel and collects the fiber. 
  • The next step is weaving. In this process, the single threads are joined together to form a fabric. Weaving is done on a machine known as a loom and requires two arrangements of yarn. The initial set, called the twist set, is hung tightly over a metal edge. The second, called the weft, is associated with metal poles, with one string for each bar. The loom is constrained by a PC, which tells the weft how the texture ought to be woven.
  • The third step is processing. The loom we have taken out is full of impurities, and it is discoloured. So it gets cleaned. A variety of chemicals and cleaners are used to remove all the dirt from the loom. After that, it transforms into a useful textile. 
  • Later, the colour is given to the fabric by processing it to the machines. The final cloth has sent to the sofa fabric manufacturers. 
  • Fabric Grades are a marker of how costly the texture was to make. The higher the evaluation, the higher the expense is. Fabric grades are not demonstrative of the quality or strength of the fabric. Reviewing of the sofa fabric depends on the complexities of the weave, development, fiber substance, development, and performance attributes. So its fluctuation depends on the sofa fabric manufacturers. These evaluations can be either in numbers or in alpha.

Sofa fabric manufacturers in Tamil Nadu – Responsefabrics

Responsefabrics is the leading sofa fabric manufacturers in the Tamil Nadu . The above process is followed, and our team adds unique technical properties and beautiful designs to the fabric. 

The number of dyestuffs is used to put colours on the white sheets. Some features we desired like antibacterial treatment, flame retardant, water repellence, protective coating like PVC with plasticizers and silicon, laminated films, etc. We provide all these useful properties on our fabric. 

We make a variety of designs, colours, and patterns for everybody’s choice. Getting desired properties and colour is what makes us choose that particular sofa fabric.

Sofa fabric in Tamil Nadu has its own demand for home and offices use.

We also have supplying facilities of sofa fabric in Mumbai and other places of India with same range and same cost.

At responsefabrics, we have sofa fabrics with all the above-mentioned properties in all types of materials like cotton, polyester, linen, leather, rayon, etc. We have all sorts of sofa fabrics available with different features, designs, and colour patterns.

Fabric is the only thing that makes your sofa a unique one. So getting the desired sofa fabric with stunning design and colours is highly significant. We have never let down our client’s desires as far as we can tell. We follow all the most recent patterns and designs alongside durability. We have all the most recent sofa fabric designs available in Tamil Nadu. 

We have unique designs available for south Indian Taste, and hopefully, customers like it.

If you are looking for trial of a fabric range, Response fabrics will happily provide a sample for you. We are proud to be considered as one of the best sofa fabric manufacturers in Tamil Nadu from our audience point of view.

Client satisfaction is the basis of our foundation and will always be, so satisfy yourself with our sample first, our sofa fabrics will satisfy your every need and specification regarding the same.

To request sofa fabric sample don’t hesitate to make a call at +91-81300 27320 or email us at [email protected]

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