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Are you looking for flame retardant sofa fabric manufacturers in your city? If yes, I want to share some valuable information about flame retardant fabrics and manufacturers’ behaviour who are making it.

Due to increasing awareness about safety and unforeseen emergencies, the demand for flame retardant fabrics is growing rapidly. People are getting more concerned about their safety. Fire retardant fabrics are used as high-quality sofa fabrics. But how some fabrics can be flame retardant and others cannot. Here is a detailed guide of fire retardant sofa fabric, it uses, manufacturing, and many other things. A piece of sofa fabric is considered as fire-resistant depending on the time and temperature it takes to burn. There are so many tests to judge the furniture fabric‘s fire retardant capacity. This will help you know better about the fabric you are investing in.

A fire retardant finish is given to the fabric to protect it from getting burnt. Heavy and tight woven fabric burns slowly than loosely woven couch fabric. It is said that most of the furniture fabrics are flammable. The only difference is some fabrics are more than others. Some research has proved that in 24% of fire accidents, the first thing to catch fire is fabric. Therefore, to keep your furniture safe, fire retardant sofa fabric would be a wise choice. It will not only keep your furniture safe but ultimately home also.  

The flammability can be an important issue if it is used in stage drapery in public-gathering places like schools, hospitals, etc. Even at home and in offices it can be very dangerous. So, fire retardant sofa fabric helps in saving from major losses than might take place. 

Different sort of fire retardant sofa fabrics

To make fabrics non-combustible, they are treated with a chemical which minimizes its flammability. Fire retardant material can be applied to both natural and synthetic sofa fabrics. Most of the sofa fabric manufacturers in Delhi make fire retardant sofa fabric by adding chemical solutions at the time of structuring the material. At that time, when the fire happens, the compound that covers the fabric responds with the gases and tars created by the fabric. It slows down the pace of burning by changing the gases and tars to carbon singe. Flame retardant upholstery fabrics that are chemically treated will only retain its flame resistance quality for a certain number of washes. 

There are also so many guidelines and special laundering techniques that you have to follow for its maintenance.  Sofa fabrics that have inherently flame-resistant properties retain their quality much longer than those that are chemically treated. As the fundamental properties that this fabric has can never be removed from its molecular structure.

Different tests are there to verify the flame retardant properties a couch fabric contains. For instance:- LOI-value add-on, vertical flame test, and many others. Fabrics with LOI less than 25% are said to be flame retardant. Therefore, if the fabric has less than 25% of oxygen, it won’t burn easily. Also, so many bookcase fabrics are available with inherently fire-retardant properties. For example- carbon, glass, sulfur, etc.

Features and maintenance of flame retardant sofa fabrics

Investing in flame-retardant furniture fabric ensures safety and durability and no poisonous gas is released from the fabric. The fibers it carries are conventional. Hence, it does not produce harmful elements. It provides all-round thermal protection of the fabric. Also, the couch fabric has the characteristics of warmth, comfort, solace, and breathability. The flame retardant sofa fabric is mainly used on cotton and its blends as they have a low proportion of chemical fibers.  

The flame retardant property of a sofa fabric doesn’t last forever. It dissipates with time. How long does it last depends on the way it has got maintained. For instance:- the flame retardant treatment of the fabric varies on the number of times it has been dry-cleaned.  A non-liquid cleaning agent is needed for its dry cleaning. Though, not in every case, it needs dry-cleaning. Most of the time it varies on the properties the fabric contains. Moreover, sometimes it allows machine wash also. Also, environmental conditions play an important role in the maintenance of the treatment. The test for flame resistance needs to be conducted on annual basis and re-treated by professionals only. 

Response Fabric- flame retardant sofa fabric provider in Delhi

Response fabric is rapidly growing in the sofa fabric industry. We manufacture all types of furniture fabrics like cotton, wool, rayon, leather, polyester, and many other fabrics. As people are getting more concerned about safety these days; therefore, we have started producing flame retardant fabrics and anti-microbial sofa fabrics to ensure our client’s safety. Along with these, we are very careful about the quality and strength we provide to our customers. 

All the furniture fabrics available at Response fabrics can be professionally treated to achieve fire retardant specifications. We create the fabric that has all these features i.e. design, strength, fire-resistant properties, elasticity, and other factors. We know how flame retardant fabric can play a major role when we talk about safety. The sofa fabrics we manufacture are not only fire resistant but also ensure absorbency and breathability of the fabric. With a variety of construction of the couch fabric, a lot of colors are also available for you to choose from. 

Response fabric has a long history of serving and satisfying clients in Delhi & NCR.  We are very much aware of the quality of furniture fabrics that people want. Our team always brings in a wide range of flame retardant fabrics for our customers. We use all the modern technologies that are present in the market and trend.  Following the latest trends bring us more customers as people like to get what is in trend in the market. We are consistent and customer-driven in whatever we do and that is our strategy behind coming this far in the industry.  

If you are in Delhi and looking for amazing fabrics, you can contact us on the given information. If you have any quote related to our flame retardant sofa fabric or any other furniture fabric, let us know in the comment section given below.

If you are looking for trial of a fabric range, Response fabrics will happily provide a sample for you. We are proud to be considered as one of the best flame retardant fabric manufacturers in India from our audience point of view.

Client satisfaction is the basis of our foundation and will always be, so satisfy yourself with our sample first, our flame retardant fabrics are passed with superior lab tests and will satisfy your every need and specification regarding the same.

To request flame retardant fabric sample don’t hesitate to make a call at +91-81300 27320 or email us at [email protected]

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