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When we talk about furniture, the first thing that comes to our mind is fabric of the furniture which should be beautiful in pattern, enlighten for sight, comfortable in feeling and attractive design. However, with so much of variety available in the market, it would be difficult for you to select the one which is more suitable to you. If you are offered a wide range of Upholstery fabric in india with an detailed explanation of explicit and implicit knowledge, the task of selection become more complex. Response fabrics have a solution for you regarding this.

We offer more than 100 (CHECK WITH RESPONSE FABRICs) solid, embroidered, jacquard and design upholstery fabrics. That are used in different segments (including home & office furniture). Design and patterns that we offer are in geometric, horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes. Such fabrics, apart from furniture, can be used in chair cushions, pillows and other home decor accessories.

We, at Response fabrics, deal in both natural upholstery fabrics and synthetic upholstery fabrics getting manufactured in our factory . With natural fabric, we offer products that are made with cotton, jute, leather, wool, silk, linen, velvet and chenille whereas synthetic fabric consists of rayon, polyester, nylon, microfiber and faux leather.

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