Chair Fabrics: The Cleaning Guide!

When one steps out to buy chair fabrics thinking of an interior or décor in mind, one finds elegancy, comfort, and durability but one ends up comprising with either look, comfort, style, or increase their budget.

At Response fabrics, we deliver you premium quality chair fabrics for your making your interior and décor a space to give the best sitting experience. No one wants to sweat or itch sitting on a low-quality chair fabrics for long working hours; neither anyone will wish their customers to feel uncomfortable while the sip a coffee in your restaurant.

Materials we use for our Chair Fabrics:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Fancy Polyester
  • Knitted Fabrics
  • Velvet
  • Leatherite

Chair Fabrics and Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

Upholstered furniture Cleaning is good, so find a good and easy the most effective method or ways to do it? There are, many chemical products and green products to use on all furniture, and there also are some more ecological products if you prefer. Another consideration is protective care, such as regular dusting and vacuuming and, you can use covers on high traffic areas of your furniture. Here are some techniques for cleaning chair fabrics:

Chair Fabrics Care

When it’s time to clean the chair fabrics, it is important to choose the most effective cleaner. Choose a cleaner that is safely used on your chair fabrics and one that does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasive elements. It is also a good idea to choose a cleaner that both cleanses and deodorizes. 

  • The first rule of caring for chair fabrics is to vacuum the cushions and backs of the furniture every week. To remove loose soil and crumbs, use a soft brush or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Whatever cleaning method you use, check the fabric tags, and test a small, hidden spot of the chair fabric before applying the cleaning solution to the entire item. 
  • For non-toxic cleaning, use a mixture of equal parts water and liquid dish detergent, then scrub with a soft brush. For grease stains, use zero all-purpose cleaner or chair fabrics shampoo with cool water, and scrub the soiled area with a soft brush. 
  • Another solution for stains is some hydrogen peroxide mixed with cool water. apply it on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes then clean with cool water. 

Furniture Cleaning Products

  • Any, food, coffee, wine, or grape juice and other unpleasant items possible spilled may happen on your family furniture. It’s a good idea to learn how any chair fabrics can be cleaned before you buy it. It is easier to buy furniture that can be cleaned with a water solution or has fabric with stain-resistant properties. 
  • Dry cleaning is quite expensive. When possible, you should clean any stain as soon as possible so it does not have time to dry. If the chair fabrics can be cleaned with a water solution, mix it with about 5 tsp. of mild dish washing liquid. 
  • If the spill is greasy or something with maple syrup or honey, you will be more successful with a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water. Don’t rub vigorously; it will spread the stain. 
  • Also make sure to rinse after applying the solution, and blot the area with a cloth or paper towels. Here is some stain cleaner’s upholsterer use spray way spot lifter, zero all-purpose cleaner, max remover. This is the easiest way to clean chair fabrics.

Professional Products and Cleaning guide

  • Choose popular cleaner for chair fabrics that can be used on natural fabrics such as cotton and wool, and synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon. It is not recommended for suede, plastics, or vinyl. 
  • As with any product, it is advisable to test it first in an inconspicuous spot for color bleeding. Some people use cloths with cleaning products already in them and find them efficient and easy to use. 
  • Many professional chair fabrics shampoos are suitable for home use. Be sure to check the fabric tags as to what kinds of cleaners will work, and follow the directions for the cleaner carefully. You need to clean small areas at a time, applying the shampoo, then rinsing each area. 
  • The shampoos that dry to a powder are easy to use and can be vacuumed off. when self-cleaning is not an option, find a reputable company to come to your house and clean the upholstered furniture. Steam cleaning is the most common method and usually is done every two years or less. Removable chair fabrics, can be wash with a whisk or take them to a dry-cleaning store. Make sure to give info on what type of fabric it is, and make sure to use experience cleaners.

Tips for choosing the Chair Fabric Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

  • Reliability:

As a well-versed chair fabric manufacturers, they should have a line-up of previous customers, Response fabrics have hundreds of client relationships based on our quality, timely deliveries, reliability, transparency in our products.


  • Wide Range:

The chair fabric manufacturers you are looking for should have a wide range of chair fabrics like a complete range of natural and synthetic fiber fabrics for your chairing décor. Response fabrics, we deliver numerous upholstery fabric for years and we have a wide range of colors, textures, fabrics, styles, qualities to choose from.


  • Experience:

Experience in any field of life matters so is the fabric market. Response fabrics are brand for a decade now, you can take benefit of our expertise, as we have dedicated and experienced professionals who have excelled in the domain. We are delivering chair fabrics with attractive patterns more than a decade; we know your needs on a different level of understanding which you can rarely find elsewhere.


  • Low MOQ:  

The brand is a brand for each customer they have, a brand which takes just big orders, is just to fetch money, but a name that cares of even low scale business clients is there to build for long term relationships, We are the best chair fabrics wholesalers in Ahmedabad, but that doesn’t let us ignore your demands and needs, our client matter to us irrespective of the scalability of your business.

If you are looking for trial of a fabric range, Response fabrics will happily provide a sample for you. We are proud to be considered as one of the best chair fabric manufacturers in India from our audience point of view. 

Client satisfaction is the basis of our foundation and will always be, so satisfy yourself with our sample first, our chair fabrics will satisfy your every need and specification regarding the same.

To request an chair fabrics sample don’t hesitate to make a call at  +91-81300 27320 or email us at [email protected]

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