Artificial Leather fabric manufacturer in India

Artificial Leather manufacturers in India

Artificial leather is commonly used for any purpose. Mostly you have seen it used in automotive, footwear, furnishing and leather good items.  

The artificial leather comes in many forms like synthetic leather, faux leather, leatherette, rexine, vinyl, faux leather or PVC. Artificial leather manufacturers design artificial leather ( rexine) to provide variety and resemble real leather. Comparing to real leather rexine is smooth, light or hard according to requirement. The best part is it cheap and made of PU or PVC in spite of killing animals. As the artificial leather is made of some components which can be more lasting and durable as the real leather. In the Indian market, the artificial leather fabric is also called as PU, PVC or rexine.  The quality of artificial leather also depends not the materials used by artificial leather manufacturers.

What is the goal of artificial leather manufacturers while making artificial leather, PVC or PU?

We Response fabric, one of the best in manufacturing business mainly if it comes in term of artificial leather manufacturing. The goal we make before manufacturing artificial leather is we have to give our best in term of audiences satisfaction so they can accept and enjoy its texture. In our warehouse, you can find the best team and technician working to craft fine artificial leather. We design and make artificial leather with good quality in the large quantity being an artificial leather manufacturer.

Who all can place an order or purchase artificial leather from Response fabrics (artificial leather manufacturers)?

Responsefabrics is a fabric manufacturer in India. Being a fabric manufacturer we deal in many fabrics category and ranges among them artificial leather is one of the more consuming fabric from our factory. We mainly trade in B2B but at the same time, we also give preference to B2C as well. Our vendors are from all over India some of them are dealing with us from decades may be due to the quality we offer to them. We are updated and follow the trend which is highly recommended by users and vendors. Being a rexine, artificial manufacturer we also design the customized artificial leather according to vendor requirement.


What is the process of manufacturing leather fabric?


For making artificial leather usually manufacturers obtain the base materials. Mostly cotton or polyester are considered as the best base material for artificial leather fabrics. After that artificial leather manufacturers start formulating the plastic. Plastic substances are used to blind with base fabrics composition. In this process, you can notice evolving texture getting blind with a combination of salt and petroleum. This process produces chlorine after that chlorine and ethylene are combined. This mixing results in a new substance named ethylene dichloride.

Still, artificial leather manufacturing is under process, after making substance ethylene dichloride it is heated with high temperature to form vinyl chloride. Few more steps are also performed blind PU or PVC to underlying base textile. After all the technical process underlying fabric are shaped accordingly.


This is the raw artificial leather manufactured which will be smooth but as compared to real leather it is light and fancy in look. Real leather is more durable than any artificial leather manufactured but the speciality of artificial leather fabric is it more attractive in look wise and used for multi-purpose in affordable price and with more optional quality.

If you are fabric retailers and looking for trustworthy leather manufacturers in Delhi, India. I must say you can visit responsefabric located in Faridabad. We have varieties of artificial leather in our company or you can call to our phone number as well for better assistance who will explain you about artificial leather specialities and its varieties which may match with your choice for Accessories, apparel or upholstery.


The special Artificial leather fabrics we make are:

  • Caprinova
  • Navazo
  • Bajra
  • Patalo
  • Silky
  • Nimbus
  • MRM
  • Ceraco

How artificial leather get manufacture in our factory?

Every artificial leather manufacturing process similar to one another but the components and chemical or components used for it is different which varies in their specialization and its retardant. Plenty of attractive looking products are made of synthetic leather. Process of making synthetic leather in responsefabrics is we pump a petroleum-based plasticizer into a large mixing tub. Then we add ultraviolet like stabilizer which is basally used for protection from sun’s rays and after this, we pour the required amount of flame retardant solution into the tub. This process is performed to make it fireproof. As the mixture gets blend together we add the vinyl powder into it.


Next step we pour different dyes into another tub following formula for a specific shade. We again prepare liquid vinyl into the tub with colouring agents. After this process, a large roll of paper with leather-like texture unwinds into the coating machine. As tented liquid vinyl flows into the machine mixing agitates the batch and rollers below applying to the paper. The vinyl-coated paper then travels through an oven and the vinyl makes the paper texture hard. Usually, the first layer is thin, the second batch of vinyl contains a thickening agent that’s why we call it the foam when it applies it to the first layer it will give the fabric shape and surface.


After that, we pour the second vinyl mixture into the coating machine where it will roll to the top of the first one. The double-layer vinyl then travels to another oven and the heat activates the thickness causing the second layer to expand. Once the vinyl is hardened it added to the first layer and roll backing into it. The machine then peels away the paper to reveal the texture of the first layer. 


Now we mix the solution to build up its durability rollers apply it to the synthetic leather finishing off the production run but hold on its not quite ready to be shipped out samples from every run undergo a battery of test. This machine rubs the fabrics up to almost three million times to see how it wears. It transferred to the stretch test by fastened a weight to secure a strip of synthetic leather if the fabric doesn’t get tear which means the fabric, In the same way, it goes to fire test. Technically once it gets a pass it will be finally permitted for further steps.


If you are looking for the quality synthetic fabric you must check responsefabrics. Our team are available to explain to you the rates, quality, and can send you the sample as well according to your requirement. We have multi-fabric ranges, I hope you can get more information of Responsefabrics categories.