Fabric to Put a Stunning Appeal to Your House Interior

Fabric is undoubtedly one of the most versatile materials. And there are several ways you can use tiny or more significant pieces of modern interior design fabrics to set up an eye-catching interior decoration for your abode. You can create some DIY statement wall pieces, or sew some pillows with vibrant coloured clothes, or even make eye-catching covers for your furniture, by adding beads, sequins, patches, or embroideries on to them. 

All you need to have is a little creativity. And to add some fuel to your inventive endeavours, we’re here with some innovative ideas of using textiles to your favourite corners.

The month of September has just arrived. And who doesn’t know that it’s the national sewing month! Wait, you don’t need to get tensed even if you’re not a pro in hems and patches. Not everyone is a tailor, but you can still use any type of modern interior design fabric to enhance the beauteous of your dwelling with a few clever tricks and tips. 

From a fabric as a wallpaper to some vibrant no-sew curtains, from tapestries to statement doormats made of simple rug or even jute, no one can ever go out of the project in this forum. So, this is a shoutout to our folks from Bangalore, get ready to stoke up the flame of art within your inner self. We’re going to write down a few tips on the functionalities of various trendy interior design fabrics to enhance the appeal of your interior.

Jute Is to Suit the Bangalore Climate

Jute has been rightly named as the “Golden Fiber”. This modern interior design fabric comes from a robust natural fiber with a vast diversification of decorative and other functional applications. Jute is used in creating rope, paper, twine, and some fabrics. All the products made of jute are biodegradable. 

Jute materials are being widely used as a new-gen fabric. Usages of Jute fabric in covering headboards and bed-frames provides the corners of any abode with a natural and beautifully textured feel. The coarsely woven rough texture of this modern interior design fabric can create phenomenal chair sashes, table runners, headboards, or jute beds. You can also try out your creativity by attempting some DIY jute headboards.

The coarse weaves of this contemporary interior design fabric make it perfect for creating a doormat, which can get trend and tradition juxtaposed. Jute fabric has achieved immense popularity due to its longevity as well as exceptional aesthetics. 

Add Vibrance with Printed Textiles

Using printed textiles is a great way to enhance the visual effects of your interior. Curtains, pillows, hand towels, wall arts, bedspreads, cloth napkins, furniture coverings- the options are many to be made of such trendy interior design fabric. Here we’re presenting a brief round-up on some creative ideas to set up a pocket-friendly interior with the help of printed textiles, which fall under the list of new-age fabrics:

  • You can add a natural elegance to a dinner party at your abode, by using some exclusive hand-printed table mats or abstractly designed textile-napkins, or even an eye-catching table cover.
  • A table runner, pillow or cushion blanket, some vibrantly printed curtains, or even a piece of wall art made of these colourful modern interior design fabrics can add on to your aesthetics.
  • You can also go for some cute tea-towels. Go for towels that have some illustrated necessary accoutrements used in making tea. 
  • Batik printed cloth napkins look great, with a juxtaposition of tradition and class created from any random modern interior design fabric.

Polyester Gives You That Extra Charm

Polyester is a classy interior design fabric. The material is strong and used in manufacturing curtains, bed sheets, table cloths, and furniture covers. The wrinkle-free and easily washable quality of this material has made it amazingly popular among the residents of Bangalore over the years. 

This modern interior design fabric dries-out easily, so it can work as a fantastic shower curtain too. Nowadays, some vividly colourful psychedelic print patterns, graphic 3d prints on polyester fabric are doing rounds in the market. The battle of colours can quickly bring life to your rooms.

Jacquard Fabric is Something Very Special

This modern interior design fabric is heavier than the other available materials, as it is specially woven. This magnificent fabric comes with great style and textures, and the patterns look great with yarn-dyed fibres. Decorative pieces made of jacquard fabric is perfect for your home décor despite the climate and area of your rooms. 

The Tapestry on Dobby Is Sheer Elegance

This modern interior design fabric comes with woven patterns, and it is produced on a dobby loom. The mixture of tradition and elegance is the USP for this eye-catching fabric. The geometrically textured clothes are the definitions for the aesthetics of this new generation fabric. Satin threads are used to create the weaves on this fabric so that the textures highlight the pattern. Dobby material is widely used in making pillow covers, cushion covers, curtains, TV covers, etc.  

Bangalore Is the Dwelling for Cotton Lovers

Cotton is an easy-to-obtain classy interior design fabric, because of its high availability in the Indian climate. It’s a good material and can be used for upholstery, curtains, and bedspreads. Blended cotton materials are more habitually used for interiors, rather than pure cotton.

Another Definition of Flexibility- Knitted Fabric

Very few fabrics can compete with the versatility of the captivating colours and textures of knitted fabric. A sudden boom of knitted fabrics has recently taken place in the industry of furnishing. The choice of yarn in creating knitted fabrics makes it unique among all other contemporary interior design fabrics. This outstanding fabric comes with incredible longevity and strikingly inviting effect. The manufacturing process for this modern interior design fabric is astonishingly easy in comparison with the result it gives. Bedcovers, cushion covers, sofa covers, rugs, carpets, and also beautiful wall hangings are commonly made of various knitted fabrics.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to enhance the inner beauty of your favourite corners? Well, in that case, the royal taste of the people hailing for Bangalore will undoubtedly call for some elegant decorations with modern interior design fabrics. Now, if you want your material to be of a sophisticated quality at a reasonable rate, you can trust Response Fabrics without any doubt.

Apart from these environment-friendly interior design fabrics, they are also manufacturing artificial leather. Leather items are also eco-friendly and come with a stylish leathery finish.

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