Deal directly with sofa fabric manufacturers

While choosing sofa fabric manufacturers for best deal we always check the quality of weave & materials. Almost every quality sofa fabric is made of polyester, jute, olefin, polypropylene  and nylon.

Response fabric has always been best as sofa fabric manufacturers . When we think of sofa we make a picture in mind “our sofa should be durable with premium quality range ”. Mainly sofa fabric are divided into three type which is commonly and widely used leather type, synthetics type and natural type. So keeping that in mind we design the sofa fabric at premium quality range. We have our own manufacturing plant where we design Discovery, Dynamic, Modern, Fusion, Nexus, Elite, Wave, Stylo, Orchid, Eden fabric range used for sofa fabric.

Types of Sofa Fabrics

As I have discuss earlier Sofa fabric are divided into three types according to experts. Leather type, synthetics type and natural type. All of these three types are best based to their specified speciality.

Leather sofa fabric-

Leather material is made of animal skin, due to animal rights and organization like PETA leather has became rare. But sofa fabric manufacturers has its alternative with same quality and strong, beautiful style we make such material with rexine(artificial leather), PU or also we name it as PVC. By understanding consumer requirement we design artificial leather sofa fabric with thick layer and with thin layers too. Premium quality leather with top grain are thick with layers and split or suede leathers are having with thin layers. For getting attractive and royal in look leather sofa  fabric gets dye for natural appearing color. If you are looking for artificial leather sofa fabric, Response fabrics produces and supplies sofa fabrics in all ranges as wholesalers. Leather sofa fabric are expensive comparing to these three type but as users requirement we have made it in affordable price with same quality.


Synthetics type sofa fabric-

Synthetics fabric are commonly made of polyester, olefin, nylon or polypropylene. This fabric are petroleum product. The process of making  synthetics type fabric is, it is squeeze out the chemical into strands to be entwine into fabric. Best part of this upholstery fabric  is it is stain resistant, durable and its fading resistant. If you have pet animal at home  Synthetics type sofa fabric can be your best option to choose.


Natural sofa fabrics type-

Natural fabrics is made of cotton, silk,wool. In early 20th this type of sofa fabrics were made and still its on use. But as it is simple in look it is not in common use. If you are looking for non chemical material fabric you can choose natural type sofa fabric. it should be prevented with sunlight or moisture to make it more durable. To overcome on this issue fibers are treated with synthetics dyes and chemicals.

Which fabric is best for sofa?

Sofa at home or office brings a royal impression and its durability is always decided choosing best sofa fabric. Mostly at home we prefer synthetics type sofa that is made of quality polyester, olefin, nylon and polypropylene. This fabric type is also called as upholstery fabric. It is average in cost and durable if it is taken care of. It is stain resistance and its counted in the list of family material because of its smoothness, soft touch. The house with kids and pet prefer upholstery sofa fabric . 

As there is always pros and cons of anything but here if the users choose the best in quality fabrics it may give a long duration. Being in fabric business more then +2 decades we have been through a lot of experiments which leads us as one of the reputed fabric manufacturer in India. That encourage us to supply the best materials in market.

Not only in upholstery fabric we have regular client and best feedback for our artificial leather sofa fabric. As original leather is rare in Indian market Response fabric manufacturer premium quality artificial leather sofa fabric with its wide range at affordable price. You can check our fabric ranges with its technicalities. Basically artificial leather sofa fabric manufacturers keep few points in mind during manufacturing of artificial leather sofa fabric:

  • It should be very much similar to leather fabric in touch and feel.
  • It should be affordable or low in price comparing to real leather.
  • It should be UV fade resistant.
  • It should be manufactured to feature a high gloss finish.

During our manufacturing process we go though all the professional ways to design best artificial leather sofa fabrics. You can also collect our sample pieces with talking with our experts. We hold our name to be best in the market as sofa fabric manufacturers.

On clearance from the manager (and customer’s approval), production is done keeping in mind about the timings. Inspection is done after producing the ordered fabric and set for delivery. We also welcome our customer feedback about our manufactured fabric and service provided to them.