Furniture Fabric supplier in Surat

Introduction of Surat – Biggest Furniture Fabric Industry

Surat, a prominent business city in the state of Gujarat (India) is known for two Industries, namely, Diamond Industry and Textile Industry. Fabric Industry in Surat is famous for supplying furniture fabric, silk fabric, cotton fabric, polyester fabric and zari craft work. With the annual total turnover of 5 billion Indian rupees, Surat is the most prominent fabric destination in India. Many clients visit Surat in search of the best suitable fabric according to their need and taste.

Surat along fabrics is famous in providing furniture fabric that are used at furniture at home, offices, cinema halls, auditoriums, apartments, restaurants, corporate, lounges, Guest Inns and many more.

Response Fabrics, over the last 15 years, have been dominant furniture fabric supplier in Surat. Our collection of wide impeccable selection of designs, colours and patterns not only gives super choices to clients but also backed by excel quality of this furniture fabric.

Range of Furniture Fabric in Surat

Response Fabrics spends lot of time in doing R & D on Surat market analysis and improving the quality of furniture fabric that helps customer to use these fabrics for long period of time with their choice of attire. There are Natural and Synthetic fabric that is offered by us in Surat and other part of India. Below is the list of these both forms of fabrics available in our catalogue:

“Surat- Business hub of India” Get best deal with response fabrics, if you are looking for affordable and best quality fabrics from Surat


Natural Fabrics

  • Lenin Fabric: Our Lenin fabric is made with flax with strong fibre. Being the strong player of furniture fabric supplier in Surat, we procure our major raw material from Surat. The reason that on vendors are based in this part of the India is because of the quality of this fibre and the competitive price. These factors helps our in providing furniture fabric at very reasonable cost with ultimate quality and swift service. Such fabric is high on durability and has innate resistance to moths.
  • Cotton Fabric: Cotton fabric is most common form of furniture fabric used all over the globe. Our extensive variety of this fabric ahs made us the leading furniture fabric supplier in Surat. Our cotton fabric ranges are one of the most famous in our product line accompanied with characteristics of comfort, durability and easy to stitch/fix.
  • Jute fabric: Our jute fabric is popular furniture fabric in India. Client with peculiar taste can choose from our detailed catalogue and with our samples can vision the entire attire. Our teams also make sure that the customer is satisfied with the queries and answer before installation of this fabric.
  • Silk Fabric: We deal with all kind and tasteful people in Surat. Silk one of the oldest and expensive fabric is use in decoration and also as a furniture fabric in Surat. With the limited market, today, it gives luxurious and high-end look. Response fabric caters such clients as per the designer and colour scheme preference. Thus, many of our clients, using our silk made furniture fabric consider us as one of the best furniture fabric supplier in Surat.

Synthetic Fabrics

  • Polyester Fabric: Polyester Fabric due to the synthetic fibre use; made it very popular with the clients that are looking for the furniture fabric with high on durability and low on budget. Our polyester made fabric is widely accepted and made us the top furniture fabric supplier in Surat because of its strong nature, less maintenance, wrinkle free and not easily faded. Being popular, we have lot many colours, patterns and designs to offer to our clients in Surat for this fabric.
  • Nylon Fabric: We also offer Nylon fabric to our clients that are looking for strength fabric with a budge investment. Our nylon furniture fabric is considered high on clients list and making us pioneer player of furniture fabric supplier in Surat.

Combination of Different Fibres that make impeccable furniture fabric

Our Research and Development team continues to research and experiment by using different combinations of fibres to innovate furniture fabric in order to improve  quality, reduce cost and work on the smooth and swift production and delivery passage. Some of our combinations are extremely popular and made us well-known furniture fabric supplier in Surat. For instance, combination such as Cotton-polyester and cotton-nylon helps in high durability and intense comfort to the end user.

Response Fabric – High end Furniture Fabric Supplier in Surat

Due to many reasons, we are considered as one of the important furniture fabric supplier in Surat. Some of the factors are:

  • Our team effort: All our department work in such a way that we are able to get the best for our clients. From meeting and offering furniture fabric via our sales and marketing team to manufacturing by our skilful and talent production team and finally delivering on time promised made us the one of the very best in the Industry today.
  • Our Catalogue: We offer lot many designs, colour and patterns to our clients in order to help then in choosing the right furniture fabric. We also provide them the assistance in case they are unable to make decision for the selection on right fabric for their furniture.
  • Our USPs: We provide water repellent and fire resistant fabric used for different reasons.
  • Quality fabric: We make sure that the promised quality fabric with right quantity is supplied to the client at committed time. We have set-up inspection associates at different phases of the process in order to keep regular checks on the quality of fabric and making sure that the production and delivery is made at the assigned time.

Response fabrics was set-up for about one and a half decade ago with the vision of continues improvement in manufacturing of furniture fabric and at the best possible cost. We also believe in keeping our environment clean. For this we have being taking considerable measures to reduce pollution burden on our environment.