rexine manufacturers in india

Rexine manufacturer in India

Rexine has increasing demands in various markets and easily substitutes’ real leather because of its features. The rexine manufacturer and supplier have an advanced technology configuration, which enables to produce both solid and extended Leather products with solo and supported requirements. You will see leather products everywhere whether it’s the auto industry, home goods, fixed products, clothing, fashion, or furnishings!  To meet usability requirements, a manufacturer & supplier adds specific features to its rexine product collection. You can see that products feature specific characteristics, such as resistance to stain and automotive stabilization, Cold Crack, and high Footwear abrasion resistance.

To ensure quality consistency, rexine manufacturers use good quality raw products in-house. No matter what the substrate and product specifications, we’ve got coverage of Non-Woven, Polyesters, Nylon, Cotton, and much more exclusive blends. In the country’s artificial leather competitive market, Response Fabrics has the most advanced technology plant. Artificial Leather goods have a consistency of their own, which adds class to elegance. All of us have a look and always take good and desirable stuff to be in look. Vinyl, as leatherette, looks like Leather which makes Royal Style. Synthetic leather or PVC leather fabric also adds flexible wear- and tear-resistance facilities for other applications.

These are the most favored products used by the sports industry in making soccer balls, player gloves, and care facilities or seat clothing. Our vinyl is also used mainly for clothing, luggage, and furnishing industries in addition to these industries. All kinds of Vinyl sports items are manufactured and distributed to all sports industries in India, for instance: soccer balls, rugby balls, basketball, basketball with vinyl player’s gloves, and cricket. Carry bags with vinyl and sofa seating cover gives a fascinating look to the Leatherette. Vinyl / artificial leather clothes, artificial leather, or synthetic leather make them excellent in all thickness, consistency, and fidelity while remaining durable and consistent in their production, usability, and customer satisfaction.

Excellently Designed:

The highest quality synthetic leather product is manufactured by rexine manufacturers & suppliers in India. Indian goods are resistant to shrinkage and are built precisely. They are designed by the best designers attentively. These artificial leather Cloths are also ripped and immune, so our customers still come to us.

Latest Trends are inculcated:

These products are developed in the most recent trends and they also provide our customers with these products within the specified period. In this area, Response fabrics as Synthetic Leather Supplier are very successful by offering customers the best quality goods.

Durability, style, and comfort:

You will find it difficult to determine the style, comfort, durability, and cleaning aspects when exploring possible options for the sofa. People choose various types of leather suppliers in the market, such as real leather suppliers, artificial fashion leather suppliers, leatherette suppliers, artificial leather manufacturers, and much more because the leather was a real attraction for many. It is never disappointing to choose a leather couch, but it is also important to look at its specs to make it feel solid and masculine.

Due to substantial export revenues and growth, the artificial leather supply industry has an important position in the Indian economy. About 12.93 percent of the world’s hide/skin leather production is in India’s leather industry. India has significantly expanded its leather industry and has become a value-added exporter from a mere raw material supplier.

The technical textile industry contains a variety of high-tech niche products, where fabrics have an edge rather than a surface. In the pool of technical textiles are the most debated alternatives in the synthetic leather industry. The industry is storming fake leather, also known as faux leather. For those who want to use Artificial Leather as a material for clothes, boots, or polishing, it is often a luxurious option. However, the increased prices of genuinely manufactured leather and the growing knowledge of the standards of animal cruelty have luckily paved the way for man-made leather production.

India becomes a developed country; great importance is being put on integrating state-of-the-art technology in many areas. The rexine supplier industry in terms of growth, technology advancement, and added value has reached a degree of saturation, so it is important to explore other segments of the leather industry. The time required to expand in artificial leather segments for the Indian textile industry is to make the rexine supplier globally competitive.

Response fabric has evolved with time. As artificial Leather manufacturers, we have invested in research & development and the latest on-going trends by upgrading the technologies in the field. We have been supplying in various industries from fashion to automobiles, furnishings, footwear, and so on. That’s why we keep on experimenting with innovations to provide our customers with the best quality product. Our world of synthetic leather is durable as well as affordable. 

We have a team that helps us with the technological guidance on rexine leather. Our team is so dedicated to providing the customer with the best in the market at a very genuine price. The response fabric goal is to provide the customers with top-quality synthetic leather in all states of India. We are working on our goal for a long time and it has been fruitful to us by now. We are already supplying in most of the states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Delhi, and many more. This dedication to providing the best quality products to our customers has made us the leading rexine supplier in India.

If you are looking for trial of a fabric range, Response fabrics will happily provide a sample for you. We are proud to be considered as one of the best rexine manufacturers in India from our audience point of view.

Client satisfaction is the basis of our foundation and will always be, so satisfy yourself with our sample first, our rexine will satisfy your every need and specification regarding the same.

To request rexine sample don’t hesitate to make a call at +91-81300 27320 or email us at

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