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Make Your Pillows and Cushions Stylish Using Fabrics

There are always chances for you to discover cushions made of almost any texture or fabric you name. The list of fabric is unending, but yes, there are a few fabrics that made it to the top 10 best modern interior design fabrics. Well, those are popular due to the aesthetics they provide your space with, and the durability they come with. Sometimes, we also find some blended versions of our favourite fabric, which come only with better longevity. Yes, materials are blended only when they provide more sturdiness together.

The sense of creating an appealing interior with modern interior design fabric is doubtlessly found at its best in the people hailing from Kolkata. The ‘city of joy’ never fails to leave the guests from outer state wonderstruck. Let’s list down a few fabrics, which are the best new-gen fabrics for the current vogue of aesthetics:

  • Jute Fabric
  • Printed Fabric
  • Polyester
  • Jacquard Fabric
  • Dobby
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Knitted
  • Faux Leather

You will find a wide collection of accent pillows, cushions, and covers of these various beauteous materials in different stores or eCommerce sites. Especially the lumbar pillows made of some classy interior design fabrics that are long and sleek are into serious vogue and immense demand in recent years. But there’s a problem. 

If you’re looking for some pocket-friendly options, these beautiful statement pieces are not going to put a smile on your face. Because these designer pillows will leave a concerning dent on your wallet. But as we all know that there’s a way out for every hitch, we have a solution for you on this one too. You can make your cushions with just a few reasonable materials, such as a modern interior design fabric, some soft and fluffy stuff, and a few decorative items.

The DIY pillows surely come out to be simple yet stylish. The aesthetics of these types of pretty pillows entirely depends on the USP of the interior design fabric you pick to create it. You can add numbers of chick cushions to your living room or bedroom, just by investing an afternoon or evening, a sewing machine, and basic sewing skills, along with the fabric you pick and the other materials.

 Now, do all these put a dent on your wallet? Never! You don’t even need to wait for the stock clearance sales of the stores. And after all, people from Kolkata are born-artist. They are probably always in for any sort of artistic endeavour.

So, do you want to make a useful as well as a low-sew lumbar pillow with trendy interior design fabrics, all by yourself? But you’re wondering how to ‘Do It Yourself’? The find out below-

Measurement and Cutting of this modern interior design fabric - Step 1

You can use any new age fabric for your project, from a piece of jute fabric or even rug to polyester, from a jacquard fabric to self-patterned dobby material. If you want to make tiny cushions for your leather couch, a piece of faux leather will help you make the perfect pieces. 

First of all, you have to give the fabric a cutting of the required length. While cutting, you need to remember that you have to include an additional ½ inch to the contemporary interior design fabric you’re using, to create room for the seam stitching.

Let’s make it a unique statement piece of a particular size of 48″ L * 12″ H. Cut two pieces of fabric, measuring 49 inches for the lengthier side and 13 inches for the other side.

Pin the Pieces Together - Step 2

Now you need to place the 2 pieces of your trendy interior design fabric together with their back-sides, as the inner side of the pillow is going to look when the fabric will face outward after you get the pillow done. Now, pin the longer sides of the contemporary interior design fabric with pins (both top and bottom). Make sure that you prick the pins at about ½ inch from the edges of the fabric. These pins will guide your seam stitching. 

Useful Tip: If you sew these parts of your modern interior design fabric inside out, the top and bottom seams will automatically get hidden inside.

Sew the Longer Sides First - Step 3

Use your sewing machine firstly to sew two of the longer sides of your new generation fabric, so that the shorter sides are left for the stuffing purpose. Do not sew the entire length of your cloth. Leave at least ½ inch on each of the sides for the finishing job.

Flip the Fabric and Sew an End - Step 4

Now, turn the stitched parts towards the correct side. On one of its open ends, attach a piece of trim just between the two pieces of the classy interior design fabric. Now fold the edges of unfinished ends, and make the folds towards the inner side.

Stuff the Fluff - Step 5

Stuff the cotton or sponge inside from the open end of the attached modern interior design fabric. While stuffing, mind the fluffiness you require. After that, the final side of the pillow will also be stitched. And with this, now the pillow is entirely sealed. Phew!

Frills and Flairs Are Old Tradition in Kolkata - Step 6

If this simple look does not satisfy you, you can apply innovative artistic ideas and decorate your cushions with some modern interior design fabrics. Add pretty frills, cute corner tassels, beads, sequins, or mirrors to make your creation more artistic.

Flaunt Your Creation - Step 7

Put your stunning creation made of modern interior design fabric on a place from where it can be displayed well and help you enhance the appeal of your interior. These pillows look great, may wherever they’re put. Try to use bright colors, as they will brighten your space.

Wrapping up

As we’re moving towards the end of the article now, we can end with a valuable suggestion for all the people from Kolkata. As Kolkatans are great art lovers, they must be looking for the best quality of the fabric. Well, everyone can rely upon Response Fabrics doubtlessly. Feel free to dial 8130027320 for any type of modern interior design fabric you require.

In conclusion, for your information this must be added that Response Fabrics also produce artificial leather, that can also be used as a modern interior design fabric for numerous interior decoration and architectural purposes.

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