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Artificial or Faux leather manufacturer

No more confusion between leather and faux leather!

Finding an artificial leather manufacturer but confused between what to choose between different forms of leathers? We are here you help you! Response fabrics is a renowned name in the artificial leather manufacturers list, which has conquered the market for about a decade now. We are premium quality artificial leather manufacturers with tons of satisfied customers.

Only the right artificial leather manufacturer will educate you about their product and the market first. So here is our attempt for you to understand the difference between real and faux leather type is one of the top artificial leather manufacturers.

While choosing upholstery fabrics for their project the interior designers go for all types of leathers and they know the difference among them as well but if you are a new customer in the leather market there is a huge chance of you getting strayed by a thug and will end up purchasing an artificial leather on the name of real leather prices. Response fabrics are the top faux leather manufacturers in Delhi.

Different names of artificial leather.

Today we will be briefing the difference between leather and faux leather, and faux leather and leatherette, like name the texture, are always confusing to the new customer. Response fabrics always come up with information that helps our customers in various ways which make us the best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi. So here we go:

Faux leather vs Leather


  • Faux leather is nothing but another name to artificial leather or a copy of real leather. It has its advantages and disadvantages for both faux and real leather, it depends on the desires and budgets of the customers which create bases for the choice between faux and real leather. 


It will demand you true deliberation to choose between them both and both have their pros and cons and it can be tricky choosing between the two. If you are choosing the faux leather, you need to go through the track record of artificial leather manufacturers you are choosing for your project.


  • The primary difference between faux leather and genuine leather is that genuine one is made from animal hides like cattle, buffalo, etc. Artificial leather is made with plastic and then treated with wax, the dyed and colored and textured with polyurethane. The right faux leather manufacturer will have a variety of colors and textures for your faux leather project.


  • The greatest difference is genuine leather is made with true animal hide and can’t be the same with two animals it has pores and marks which add uniqueness and beauty to it, whereas the artificial leather will be uniform for the entire machine project as it is synthetically formed. The uniqueness and precise detailing of your faux leather project can be done by a premium artificial leather manufacturer only, so choose wisely.


  • Based on durability, real leather is far more durable than artificial leather as it can last for years without any damage. Wearing enhances genuine leather looks. In the matter of looks also genuine leather looks way beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. A good artificial leather producer will always how to bring the trendy eye-catching colors, textures, and styles for you that will be worth your money!


  • As far as price is concerned artificial leather has big sales and production on a large scale which makes it cheaper and more available than genuine leather. It is up to the user what they are looking for out of the two stunning options. Response fabrics are the best faux leather manufacturers that deliver premium quality faux leather with unbeatable market prices.

How does real and faux leather manufacture?

Like the uniqueness of leather types, their manufacturing process is also unique and different from one another. Let us find out the manufacturing process of both Genuine and faux leather in general:

Genuine Leather

The manufacturing process of genuine leather comprises of three phases: preparing, tanning, and crusting. The preparation phase is when the hide’s flesh is given treatments like removing hair, flesh, discoloration, and treated in several other ways. 

During the tanning phase, the animal hide is thus made in usable form which will not decay if wetted, then proteins present in it are stabilized using chromium. The hide is then rotated in tanning liquor till it gets saturated. 

The crusting phase makes it soft, lubricated, colored, buffed and many other treatments are done.

Faux Leather

The production of synthetic leathers is different from that of original leather, it can be any material or fiber-like polyester, natural fiber like cotton or leftover hide form the genuine leather production. 


Response fabrics are the best faux leather manufacturer for the past decade; we are ought to produce faux leather with great finish using polyurethane layer which adds finish like real leather. Our PVC based synthetic leather is treated with plasticizers and dyed to give a genuine leather feel.

In summary

Being one of the topmost artificial leather manufacturers in the industry for over a decade now, Response fabrics are ought to bring to you the information about the difference in genuine and faux leather. Faux leather is cheaper and extensively used as an upholstery fabric because of its large-scale production.


Which leather to choose is entirely up to the choice of the customer based on their usage and budget. Response fabrics are top-notch faux leather manufacturers in Delhi with hundreds of satisfied clients with a trust instilled for more than ten years. We deliver high quality and real look leathers for upholstery and workstations with quick deliveries and excellent customer service.