Best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi

While deciding upholstery fabric for your projects the interior designers’ forever choice is leather. In today’s era there is much variety for artificial leathers available like ever before. There is much confusion on the part of interior designers to choose the best artificial leather manufacturer so that there project not just fulfills the contemporary trend but also is cost-effective.

Why choose Response fabrics as the best artificial leather producer in Delhi?

Artificial leather/faux leather is a copy of genuine leather mostly used as upholstery fabrics as it is inexpensive, eco-friendly and gives a bold and funky look. Choosing the best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi is not an easy job, in an era of throat cut competition you need to choose the best for your project. Response fabrics provide cost-effective, fashionable, vegan-friendly artificial leather which are not just an eye-catch but easy to maintain. Response fabrics bring premium quality artificial leathers that enhance the look and make it look exactly like real leathers as it is first priority of interior designers to get a premium real leather look for their upholstery on the cost-effectivity of artificial leathers and Response fabrics know exactly what to bring on the table when it comes to the textures of artificial leathers giving it an extraordinary look which makes them keep maintaining their renowned name for almost a  decade and makes them best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi.

What makes Response fabrics the best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi?

Process of production: Response fabrics have got heavy-duty machines and expert technicians that help making a team of utmost trust when it comes to the productions of artificial leather. The process goes through several steps each dealt with perfection. The process of artificial leather production goes through following steps which makes Response fabrics the best artificial leather producers:

1 Pouring first, thin, a layer of polymer solution which is comprised of PU/PVC, plasticizer, stabilizer, and filler on paper layer coated with silicon for easy peeling off which goes through heated rollers to make a cured leather layer.

2 Pouring of a second, thick layer of polymer solution which is comprised of PU/PVC, plasticizer, stabilize and filler which includes rising agents that make it foamy as it is passed through heat.

3 Pasting of strengthening cotton-polyester layer to the cured leather layer with premium glue and then peeling off the paper layer.

4. Addition of leather-like grooves and shines using resin for shine which is optional through textured rollers.

Premium quality: Response fabrics make premium quality artificial leathers with a texture exactly like genuine leather giving it a sophisticated and outlandish look that makes them the best artificial leather manufacturer.

Eco-friendly: Response fabrics use an eco-friendly process while manufacturing faux leather. The colorants and dyes used in the process are eco-friendly and free from any type of chemical toxicity making Response fabrics reach the top of the priority list of interior designers for choosing the best artificial leather manufacturer.

Budget-friendly: Response fabrics in the era of pocket cutting produce for their customers the best and premium quality on a cost-effective price making their customers rely on their feature of ‘ once Response fabrics always Response fabrics’. Customers when chooses Response fabrics once make them understand what made them the best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi.

Delivery and Customer Service: Response fabrics ought to deliver the timely and quick delivery after a team specially bound to check the defects and other flaws of the assignment providing its customers the best and quick response to their orders. Response fabrics take good care of their customers by providing full customer service by gathering their reviews and feedbacks and providing after purchase services like maintenance and cleaning service making them the best artificial leather producer in Delhi.

What are the types of artificial leather made by Response Fabrics that make them the best artificial leather manufacturer in Delhi?

Faux leather or artificial leather or synthetic leather is different names for the same thing which means a copy of genuine leather which is used for upholstery. The two main kinds of artificial leather are polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It depends entirely on what project it is used for like sofa, chair, headboard, auto upholstery, etc. As both these kinds of leather are manmade they do not come from animal skins. PU leather is softer, flexible and breathable and has finish similar to genuine leather. PU leather can have more pores on its surface which can lead to wrinkle and stain like real leather while PVC leather is for extreme weather conditions that is why PVC leather is chosen more often when it comes to upholstery. PVC leather is multi-layered which makes it tough and durable. Which one to pick is entirely up to the functionality of the project and preferences of the interior designer. PU leather is preferable for a more realistic look and flexibility and when it comes to durability PVC leather is the choice to make. Response fabrics bring both kinds of leathers in premium quality in a wide range of colors and textures for their customers. Response fabrics are renowned among the best artificial leather manufacturers.