Anti-bacterial fabric manufacturer

Our antimicrobial fabric passes the AATTC 100 and JIS L 1902 antimicrobial effectiveness tests.

We manufacture antimicrobial fabric. This fabric can be used anywhere on walls, workstations, chairs, sofas, multiplex chairs, partitions, etc.

Basically to make you understand all things have got bacteria in it. When we do antimicrobial finish on the fabric it reduces the bacteria up to 80-90% on the fabric.

Because of antimicrobial finish –

  • Bacteria’s are killed up to 80-90%
  •  It reduces bacterial growth, restricts the bacterial ability to grow 
  • It becomes Anti Odor (no smell)
  • It is human and environmentally friendly
  • This fabric can withstand 20-30 washes, however, in chairs and wall paneling it is not required.
  • When anybody touches the fabric on a wall or chair by hand no further bacteria will go on the fabric being treated.

Best with quality, tested in lab – Responsefabrics

Antimicrobial fabric is used anywhere, including the work stations, types of furniture such as a chair, sofa, multiplex chair, partitions and so on. They are also most appropriate for home textile such as bedding, sheets, pillow covers. Antimicrobial fabrics mostly used in manufacturing various health care and medical supplies such as a bandage, medical gown and primarily surgical masks and maternity dress. Some anti-bacterial fabric material are also used in sportswear and protective suits. This fabric can further proceed for blankets, mattresses, drapery, uniforms, sprays, burial dressings and even in other different industries like filtering and packaging. Some of them are used in the truck covers as well.

antimicrobial fabric manufacturers

Here with us, we can assure you the quality of the fabric you are looking for. We go through a lot of tests like stain, odor resistant and water proofing to ensure the effectiveness of the antimicrobial fabric. We use transfer coating system that has been accepted by different medical industries. Our fabric is environment friendly, antibiotic resistant and is durable during hot pressing too. Coatings is applied to the fabrics to affect their light reflectivity, electrical conductivity and to set out garnishing motive. Our fabric can resists through the wear and tear and we also guarantee it to last for many washes. It is also skin friendly and does not harm the health of any individual.

  • Enduring

When we look for a fabric, we wish it to last longer as we spend some amount of money on it. Antimicrobial fabric provides that quality as required. Since there is an Antimicrobial coating inserted in this fabric, it possesses a tolerance capacity to its extreme. This fabric is clean and has a coat which prevents the water from entering. It has relatively higher lifespan than the other fabrics due to this antimicrobial coating which makes it even more enjoyable. This fabric can easily withstand 20-30 washes which means that they can bear the liquid, however,it is not required in chair wall panelling. They are somewhat one of the most durable fabric and tend to be flexible enough. Being very easy to maintain this fabric has gained a lot of popularity among the costumers in a short time. Usually, when we do the antimicrobial finish on the fabric material, it reduces the bacteria up to 80-90% on the fabric. They do not tend to wear quickly and are very durable, as well.

  • Health-related

Most of the fabric quickly gets contaminated and has to be recycled or discarded, but due to the anti-bacterial agent that is used in antimicrobial fabric, this fabric builds its resistance to many bacteria which makes it more healthy than any other fabrics. There is an ancient history of using this material for protection from the spread of the germs. This fabric is eco-friendly and human friendly. It helps to prevent the bacteria from entering different fabric surface and can prevent the growth of bacteria within the fabric material. In the health care industry, mostly in hospital anti-bacterial fabric is used. It helps to prevent the bacteria in the hospital and affect any other person. When anybody touches the fabric, there is less chance of the bacteria getting transfer to another surface. This fabric not resists the bacterial ability to grow but also controls the bacterial transfer.

  • Anti-odor

Other fabrics has to be rewashed regularly and begin to smell once the material is worn but the antimicrobial fabric is very fresh and is always clean. This fabric is made up in such a way that it controls the odor which makes this fabric very healthy to use and also uses an anti- odor technology. It is used as hospital gowns and helps to improve the garment freshness. The odor lasts when the bacteria starts multiplying among themselves and this fabric controls the bacteria which removes the unpleasant odor. It also helps in regulating the body temperature and has permanent anti-microbial and anti-dust mite technology. This makes the person feel fresh and also reduces the health risk factor up to a certain part. This fabric has made many costumers dream come true by controlling the odor.

So if one is considering of using an antimicrobial fabric, they must have a good knowledge about it and be very wise while choosing the perfect company for this work. One must do their brief research and find a company that can meet its expectation. The first thing to do is to understand what anti-bacterial fabric really means and then find the company according to ones need.