3 ply non-woven mask manufacturer

Buy 3 ply non woven face mask direct from Factory.

This year 2020 has disappointed the whole world as we are trying our best to save human and humanity. Everyone, like doctors, nurses, social workers and some more responsible organization, as well as individual, is giving their best contribution to safety. 

We Responsefabrics are fabric manufacturer in India manufacturing 3 ply non-woven face mask for hospital use, health workers use and for all the individuals. We are a fabric manufacturer, and we produce 3 ply non-woven face mask at a more reasonable price in bulk quantity. For making anti-bacterial 3 ply non-woven face mask, we use latest technology machine and anti-bacterial fabric for it. Allow me to explain some information about our factory made 3 ply non-woven face mask: 

  • We design three-layered medical masks of non-woven material with nose piece having filter efficiency of 99% for 3-micron particle size. 
  • 3 ply Masks are machine pressed used for protection of almost all type of bacteria. 
  • Fabric Material is non-woven.
  • Medical surgeries and procedures use our 3 ply mask. It is made especially for medical use. 
  • We use PP non-woven material during the manufacturing process of 3 ply non-woven mask
  • It is a disposable mask.
  • Mask Securing Method- Ear loop.
  • Size of the mask will be 13.1 x 13.5 cm.
  • Quantity per Pack – 5000

Who can purchase 3 ply non-woven mask with us?

We are registered Pvt. Ltd fabric manufacturer in India. We manufacture fabrics with many ranges and supply all over India. We have our valuable clients in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Kolkata, Mysore and almost every place in the nation. Being manufacture, we deal with our most exquisite products in bulk quantity. The one who is looking for a bulk order can approach our team for a better presentation of product and services. We also provide e-catalogue for each of our products online. It would be best if you chatted with our online representative or can directly call us. We will be more than happy to serve you. We have maintained our stock for vendors order. For some limited areas, we have free delivery facilities. 

3 ply non-woven mask

How do you identify you are purchasing genuine 3 ply non-woven mask?

Through these methods, you can identify you are getting or purchasing original 3 ply non-woven surgical mask.

  1. Test by observation: As the word sounds 3 ply non-woven mask, it means it should be of 3 layers. If you have this mask and tear it a bit to see its inner part, the top coverings look like glassy, middle layer looks like white and the 3rd layer can be green or blue or transparent white. As this type of mask is light in weight but more effective and protective. If there is no three layers in mask, you can doubt it. Maybe it will not 3 ply non-woven face mask. 
  2.  Flame test: We can test mask by flaming on it. The middle layer of this special mask is made of a unique filter. So when you light the fire on it, it won’t catch fire. 
  3. Water test: This is the final test to prove the quality of 3 ply non-woven face mask. The outer layer of the cover is waterproof. Logically the outer layer is made waterproof to protect your nose and mouth if someone is sneezing or coughing it won’t even let to pass through it. 

Under the expert guideline, we manufacture the best quality 3 ply non-woven surgical face mask. The best part of our manufacturing process is it is done by machine automatically. So there will be no risk of getting bacterial or virus transmission with bare human hands. Our manufacturing plant is located in Ghaziabad, UP (India).

As this mask is not reusable, we want to tell to mask users not to use the same mask multiple time. We offer a low and reliable price in bulk order.  

What are other fabric ranges Responsefabrics manufacturer?

We are full fledge fabric manufacturers we deal in artificial leathers, antimicrobial fabric, work station fabric and few more fabric which are always in good demand by consumers. For more information, please ask our experts online and claim e-catalogue of our fabric ranges.